Beam4 Owner's Manual

The Beam Four owner's manual is a concise guide to getting started using the Beam Four Java Edition optical ray tracer. It comprises 28 short chapters and a few appendices, and covers the basics of optical ray tracing. Each chapter offers examples that illustrate the features of the application.

Our free download includes the users manual, example files, and the full release 166 version of the Beam Four Java Edition ray tracing application.


Ch 1 Introduction and What’s New
Ch 2 BEAM FOUR Capabilities
Ch 3 About Java
Ch 4 Installation
Ch 5 About Ray Tracing
Ch 6 Coordinate Systems
Ch 7 The File Menu
Ch 8 The Edit Menu and the Editor
Ch 9 Optics and Optics Tables
Ch 10 Rays and Ray Tables
Ch 11 Media and Media Tables
Ch 12 The Run Menu: the InOut Function
Ch 13 The Run Menu: the Layout Function
Ch 14 The Run Menu: Plot 2D
Ch 15 The Run Menu: MultiPlot
Ch 16 The Run Menu: Plot 3D
Ch 17 The Run Menu: Histo 1D and MTF
Ch 18 The Run Menu: Histo 2D
Ch 19 The Run Menu: AutoAdjust
Ch 20 The Run Menu: Random Rays
Ch 21 CAD Graphics Output
Ch 22 Options Menu
Ch 23 The Help Menu
Ch 24 Spreadsheets
Ch 25 Sample Session
Ch 26 Sample Files
Ch 27 Viewing Stereoscopic Displays
Ch 28 License and Warranty
Appendix 1 Conic Surfaces
Appendix 2 Rotation Sequences
Appendix 3 Zernike Polynomials
Appendix 4 Diffraction Gratings
Appendix 5 Holographic Optical Elements