RECENTLY ADDED (rev 154 and up): Multiple on-screen layouts with various views and scales. These layouts let you see several views of your optical system with differing magnifications & viewpoints on screen at once. Previously added (last February): Maps! These are color coded diagrams showing your image quality over an image field. Combined with our MultiPlot feature, Maps show you what you need to know about your optic since they let you explore how your design parameters control the image system performance. And in rev 128 and up: forward Gaussian scattering surfaces. These let you distribute and measure the delivered light intensity using 2D Histogram function.

Also: UnDo, ReDo, and four other editor improvements since Release 115. If you don't like what AutoAdjust did to your optic, just hit Control Z.

Here's a very quick look at the variety of optical systems that BEAM FOUR JAVA EDITION handles: a crossed Czerny-Turner spectrometer is to be set up to give good grating clearances over a specified range of wavelengths, without vignetting, while preserving good spectroscopic resolution. How to do this, and meet requirements? B4JE shows you every portion of the system and lets you edit rays, surfaces, and wavelengths to deliver the necessary image fields.

With the advent of Java as a cross-platform application development language it's practical to create software tools that pretty much run anywhere. Our BEAM FOUR JAVA EDITION, initially released in 2009, is the culmination of our efforts to combine the most needed features of our product lines into one high value run-anywhere application.

Another example: a Cassegrain telescope is to be modelled but it has a spider blocking some of the entrance pupil. Spot diagrams and image quality statistics are needed. Start with a detailed layout, as shown, and continue on to get the spot diagrams and image statistics.

So: welcome to our website. Here you will find product specifications, owners manual views, tech notes, a free download demonstrator of this exciting new product, and a straightforward secure e-purchase mechanism that lets you register and download the full product at your convenience.

Be sure to try the free demonstrator first! Read the manual, try out the examples that download with it, and try out your own optical ideas with the demo application. Exercising the Demo Version is the perfect way to assure that your computer, your operating system, your Java installation, and you are compatible with our product. We want all our customers to be happy customers. Any questions, feel free to email us; we get back to you within a day or two, except during summer vacation.

* Lenses
* Mirrors
* Prisms
* Irises
* Diffraction Gratings
* Holographic Optical Elementss
* Spheres, conics, torics, polynomials
* Zernike surface terms
* Wavefront Error Evaluation
* Programmable plots & multiplots
* Layouts with mouse zoom, pan, twirl
* Autoadjust with L-M minimization
* Refraction via table lookup
* Negative refraction also!
* CAD file support
* Easy interface to/from spreadsheets